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Cravings: Avocado, Tomatoes, Berries

We all crave something, affection most of all. I love to snuggle down with a warm bowl of berries, my love, and a good movie. I’ve been trying to watch my sugars as diabetes runs in my family and it’s … Continue reading

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Two Chili’s

Last week I had nine hungry males in my house. I opted to make a heavy meat dish that would fuel their workout at the gym and stave off sugar low monkey business.  I served it over a baked potato … Continue reading

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Bell Pepper and Artichoke Heart Pasta

I began with artichoke as the protein inspiration in this dish and thought that it compared to mushrooms in earthiness.  Luckily, all the munchkins enjoy artichoke as much as my siblings did, so I had a good go to for … Continue reading

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Moosewood’s Minestrone

My replacement computer arrived last night, so I’m back.  I spent last week cooking, hosting, and not blogging due to the inability to log back onto wordpress due to email issues.  All is resolved and we are here, again, on a vegan … Continue reading

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Artichokes and Corn Salad

Mondays are back to vegan, with a quick light dinner to balance our open menu weekend.  We start with artichoke and then move on to a warm corn salad. If you’ve never cooked an artichoke before and you would like … Continue reading

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Apple Fennel Walnut Soup with Roasted Cabbage Wedges

Pears with Natural Peanut Butter Meatless Monday is met with growls around here.  It’s not the taste, which is usually delicious, it’s the amount necessary to fill a hungry boy.  The fruitless search for the meat in the bottom of … Continue reading

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