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There are some foods that instantly bring joy and depression. The thought of consuming a wonderful piece of pasta, sauce, cheese and magic balanced by the overwhelming amount of work to create that moment is the catch-22 of Lasagne.  One … Continue reading

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Two Chili’s

Last week I had nine hungry males in my house. I opted to make a heavy meat dish that would fuel their workout at the gym and stave off sugar low monkey business.  I served it over a baked potato … Continue reading

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Curry Spiced Chicken and Wild Rice

The original method for this dish comes from a rustic “beer can” chicken recipe.  The bird is propped upright by the full can of liquid and is kept moist throughout the cooking process by its evaporation while in a closed pot.  I’ve put … Continue reading

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Bell Pepper and Artichoke Heart Pasta

I began with artichoke as the protein inspiration in this dish and thought that it compared to mushrooms in earthiness.  Luckily, all the munchkins enjoy artichoke as much as my siblings did, so I had a good go to for … Continue reading

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Mother’s Salmon Hash

When we are looking for a home style breakfast and I don’t want to cook, there are two places we go.  The first is quick and easy, filling to bunches of munchkins, and fine for wandering little cousins.  It’s Flavourspot. … Continue reading

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Black Eyed Pea and Turkey Soup with Cornbread

My mother would say this is a good recipe to cook up at New Years.  In the south, Black Eyed Peas are typically eaten for good luck at the beginning of a new year.  I don’t recall ever being at my … Continue reading

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Turkey Day in February

Like most American mothers, I cook turkey once a year. One of those years I cooked it twice, in order to test recipes before the big day. I quartered the bird and prepped it four different ways. The munchkins thought they … Continue reading

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