Honeyed Fig

honeyfigWe are on the verge of having French child #3 come to stay with us.  Our house is so lively, almost all the time. The ratio of munchkins to mommas in this house for the past several years has been 5:1. This summer however, that changed! At times it was even 2:2!  Our latest Eurochild bubbled with excitement as his mother made ready her preparations to come.

We had such a lovely time!  We visited Flavorspot, Hot Lips, and Horsetail Falls (close enough to slip over to Multnomah Falls for the ice cream afterwards.)  The munchkins lounged on the bench while we sniffed every flower in the entire Portland International Rose Test Garden. We shopped, got bread at Grand Central, ate chocolate at Moonstruck, and sampled flavors at Jamba Juice.  When it all wound down, we were so sad to part. I do, however, have some lovely gifts that will make the memories last!  A fig tree, blueberries bushes, and brambling berries!  A toast to France! and especially, to Dominique.

Honeyed Figs

  1. Fig
  2. Honey
  3. Water crackers
  4. goat cheese (cream cheese can be used in a pinch)

Slice the fig from top to bottom, into eight slices. Slip the knife along the curve of the white center to remove the skin.

Spread the cheese on the water crackers carefully. (They crack so easily.) Top cheese with the fig slice and drizzle with honey.

Repeat for each slice of fig.

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